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Rank Title and Description In Out
1 Your Captain Speaking 46 531
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Wisdom with humor through the eyes of the fearless aviator
Category: Airline Crew&Jobs
Previous Rank: 1
2 Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb 38 137
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1000's of Military Aviation Action Pictures Plus FREE Screensavers, Wallpapers, Email, Ecards, Forums, Games, Awards, Military Aviation Mouse Cursors *NEW* Vampire WZ507 at Coventry Airport 10/03/18 *NEW* 60th Anniversary of the Buccaneer 28/04/18!!
Category: Military
Previous Rank: 2
3 Target Aviation Photography+My New Book on Low Flying Offer 16 83
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Special Offer: My new book on Low level Flying. Plus written features on Air to Air, Low Flying and Base Visits. Bias towards military aircraft and photographic ideas/inspiration. 25,000+ images (mostly action).
Category: Military
Previous Rank: 3
4 Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory 13 76
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A huge categorized aviation directory with links to commercial, military, and general aviation information: photo sites, flight sim resources, aviation podcasts and blogs, pilot and crew resources, ATC, and other online resources.
Category: Portals
Previous Rank: 5
5 Air War - Vietnam 12 85
History of ALL Flying Squadrons that flew in/over Nam Category: Military
Previous Rank: 7
6 Online Commercial and Military Aircraft and Airplane Facts 10 75
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Offering Aviation: Aircraft: Airlines: Jets: Movies Videos: Airplane Posters, RC Airplanes, Model Airplanes, Aerospace Jobs, Live ATC, Live Airport Video, Air/Vacation Packages, Military Aircraft, Air Mishaps, Discount Airline Tickets & Vintage Artwork.
Category: Airline Crew&Jobs
Previous Rank: 4
7 Fighter Planes and Military Aircraft 8 137
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Over 100 fighter planes and military aircraft with their technical information and picture. Also 3D VRML models of jets to download, a FAQ explaining Stealth, and aviation links.
Category: Military
Previous Rank: 11
8 Chicken Wings Aviation Cartoon 7 80
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Watch the employees of the small airline Roost-Air struggle through the day! Not only for pilots! See how the aviation business REALLY works! ;-)
Category: Other
Previous Rank: 6
9 - Aviation Encyclopedia 5 70
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Military and civil aircraft pictures, videos, background information, schematics, specifications and performance data.
Category: Photo&Animation
Previous Rank: 8
10 Desktop Aviator 3 47
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Tweek your Flight Time with our Cessna Avionics Panels. An Inexpensive Flight Simulator Addon that re-creats the Realism of Actual Flight. Cessna Style Throttle Quadrants & Elevator Trim Wheels NOW Available.
Category: Flight Simulation
Previous Rank: 14
11 Model Airplanes, Books, DVD Videos, Exhibits 2 54
Airplane Models, Diecast Models, Aircraft Books, Videos, Pilots Gifts, Military and Expedition Exhibits Category: Military
Previous Rank: 178
12 Military Airshows in the UK 2 36
UK Airshow News, info, Calendar of Events, Gallery of Aviation pictures, Display Teams, Airworthy Spitfires, Quiz, Live Aviation (ATC, Webcams, Trackers etc), Unexplained section, Message Board and much more. Category: Airshows
Previous Rank: 24
13 1 8
AMS wallpapers Schiphol Holland Category: Photo&Animation
Previous Rank: 107
14 1 13
The alternative aviation photography database Category: Photo&Animation
Previous Rank: 79
15 F22 Raptor 1 76
F22 Raptor- *downloads, *opinions, *original games, *backgrounds, *movies, *interactive tutorials in flash, *polls, *all information there is to know about the F-22, and TONS more!!!!!! Category: Military
Previous Rank: 12
16 Future Airline Pilot 1 9
Information on gaining a professional licence, airline contacts and comparisons, CVs, jobs, who is recruiting, interview and simulator preparation, forum and a personal advice service. Category: Airline Crew&Jobs
Previous Rank: 30
17 Plane Mad 1 13
Over 12,000 photos with guaranteed screening in 24 hours, plus airport guides, airport weather including runway in use to over 300 airports, airline information, forums and more. Category: Photo&Animation
Previous Rank: 17
18 The Aviation World 1 41
This site is publishing the photograph of the warplane (planes etc.) in Japan. Category: Airshows
Previous Rank: 9
Air accidents and incidents in Brazil and the World. Information, photos, graphs, statisticians, histories and much more. Site sobre acidentes e incidentes aéreos no Brasil e no Mundo. Category: Other
Previous Rank: 273
20 MILAVIA - Military Aviation 1 679
Air Show Calendars and Photo Reports. Modern combat aircraft information and pictures. US, Russian, European and other foreign aircraft. Aviation articles and special reports, lots of links, wallpaper downloads, monthly quiz, forum and more. Category: Airshows
Previous Rank: 10
- - - - - - - -AIRCRAFT PICTURES & AVIATION PHOTOGRAPHY- - - - - - - - #-#-#-# HUNDREDS OF PICTURES - AIRSHOW PHOTO REPORTS #-#-#-# Category: Photo&Animation
Previous Rank: 278
Pilot training, pilot software & books, pilot simulator. Category: Flight Simulation
Previous Rank: 65
23 Helicopter site 1 21
Everything and more about helicopters (German) Category: Homepages
Previous Rank: 46
24 Flying in Europe 1 9
All you need for your flight in Europe - Weather - All airports - Notams - Calculations - AIS / CAA - All Airport Webcams - FBO database - All Aviation Abbreviations - Pilot Shops - Message board Category: Other
Previous Rank: 25
25 All The World's Aircraft 1 87
The directory of aviation technics. The information on planes, helicopters, the pilotless technics more than from 50 countries of the world. An aviation bulletin board. Category: Portals
Previous Rank: 18

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